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Storage & fulfillment
for resellers starting at $5

We Store & Fulfill

Your items are stored safely in our warehouse, and when something sells, our expert shippers pick, pack, and ship the orders the same or next business day.

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Ship Us Your Items

Our welcome kit includes everything you need to send us your items quickly and organized…we cover the costs to receive your items, with some restrictions.

You Get a Break

Gone are the days of being tied to your e-commerce business…let us handle the mundane tasks of storage and shipping while you focus on what matters most to you:  sourcing, spending time with family, or taking time off.

Fulfillment Plan

Are you considering outsourcing storage and fulfillment?

For about $5 an item you can experience:

The Freedom Plan

Store your listings with us with reasonable
minimum requirements.

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Benefits of our plan:

Order fulfillment within same or next business day

24/7 secured climate-controlled warehouse

Multi-platform fulfillment

Dedicated Account Manager

Who is eBLISS for?

The Space Challenged

Don’t let space challenges hold you back from having a successful reselling business.  If your inventory is overtaking your home, send eBLISS your items and reclaim your space.

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The Freedom Hunter

Would you like to be untethered from daily shipping?  Do you like to travel but want to maintain your business without skipping a beat?  eBLISS makes it possible to have the true freedom that comes with owning your own business.

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The Future Full-Timer

Have you decided to scale up but can’t because you need more space and labor? Don’t have the capital to invest in a warehouse? eBLISS can help you scale without the typical significant upfront investment and commitment.

How it Works

What our clients say…

One huge benefit of using a service like eBLISS is that they will store your listed inventory and ship out your sales within one business day….this way you don’t have to worry about shutting down your closet or store while you’re on vacation, which is AMAZING!
Becky Park

As resellers who travel a lot, we love knowing eBLISS will fulfill our orders for us. We can go on vacation or travel for work and not worry about our account. Our listings and sales have increased, and we have more freedom than ever before.
Lea & Tom Pagliughi

I’ve been an eBLISS client since they launched, and they are FABULOUS. As a full-time RV traveler, I wouldn’t have a reselling business without them! The amount of freedom I have gained is priceless!
Wilder Bannon

eBLISS has made it possible for me to have my best selling month ever!  It’s amazing how I’m able to scale using them to store and fulfill for me.  Thanks for helping me grow my side hustle!
Randi Lange

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I still need to put my eBay store or Poshmark closet on vacation mode when I am away?

Nope! Vacation mode or extended handling times will be a thing of the past. You can take as much time off as you like without your business skipping a beat.

What about cross-listing? I currently sell on other platforms besides eBay.

Our clients need to list on either eBay, Poshmark, or Vendoo at a minimum.  We can handle sales from other platforms (such as Mercari, Tradesy, etc.) as long as the shipping labels are provided to us.

What does your warehouse look like? Is it climate controlled? How safe is it?

Our warehouse is climate controlled, with a full sprinkler system, and professionally monitored 24/7.

How quickly will you ship my orders?

We ship all orders the same or next business day.

Will UPS pick up my shipments at my house?

Yes. Or you can drop them off at any UPS drop off location.

Ready to get started?