Meet the Founders

Dave Bilyeu

Dave is eBLISS’s visionary and develops its business strategy.  Prior to selling on eBay, he spent more than twenty highly successful years in the finance industry, working at Merrill Lynch, Smith Barney, Goldman Sachs, and Northwestern Mutual. He has a B.S. in Finance and Economics from Rutgers University.

However, it wasn’t until he started selling on eBay that he discovered his entrepreneurial spirit.  His vision of a successful life was working at a company for 35 years, retiring, getting a pension, and then being free and enjoying retirement.  But that all changed once he became hooked on finding value in second-hand stores and then flipping those finds on eBay.

Dave will admit now it’s all about the freedom that owning your own business affords him – not creating another “job” for himself.  Dave likes hunting for treasures because it’s fun and fulfilling.

headshot of Laurie

Laurie Bilyeu

Laurie manages the operational side of the business and creates the organization, systems, and processes that keep the business running smoothly. She has a Bachelor of Music Degree in Voice Performance from Mason Gross School of the Arts at Rutgers University.

She was formerly the Business Development Coordinator for an environmental engineering firm and then the Director of Operations for an advisor at Northwestern Mutual before joining Dave full-time in their eBay business in 2017.

Her strengths lie in her innate ability and desire for organization and leadership.  She loves the opportunity their business affords them to chart their own destinies and help others.

Her leadership during eBLISS’s two years of research and development set the stage for a successful and seamless launch during Fall 2020.

Our History

Dave and Laurie met while working at Sears during college.  This would not be their last experience working together.  They became fast friends and five years later, married…that was 1995.

Since then, they’ve worked together at Northwestern Mutual, but eBay was their first business venture. Both Dave and Laurie absolutely love working together; their different styles and strengths complement each other perfectly.

Dave started his eBay reselling business in 2013.  He grew it from a one-person side-hustle operation to a full-time business employing several team members.  Laurie joined in 2017, and since then the business revenue has tripled.  They also organize the official eBay-endorsed Denver Meet Up Group, which helps local eBay sellers with their businesses.

They have created eBLISS to help online resellers who sell mostly thrifted items with their storage, shipping and organizational needs.  They discovered there was not a viable fulfillment option in the pre-owned reselling market.  As full-time eBay resellers with extensive experience in their field, they were in a unique position to create this ground-breaking option.   They are passionate about partnering with fellow resellers and helping them find the freedom and prosperity in their lives.

Dave and Laurie Bilyeu

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