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What are the benefits of using eBLISS?

Simply put, free up time and/or free up space so you have more time to source, or whatever else you need time for! You can grow/scale your business or just become untethered from shipping (which is quite freeing in itself!)

Do I still have full control over my eBay and/or Poshmark account?

Absolutely! As our client, you still have complete control over your listings until they are sold. You can adjust titles, prices, etc. and continue to manage your inventory as you see fit.

How will eBLISS access my eBay or Poshmark account?

  We use eBay’s Multi-User Account Access to perform our services on eBay. This ensures your sensitive information is protected and we can safely work in your account.  No such option exists for Poshmark, so we have to have direct access there.

Will I still need to put my eBay store or Poshmark closet on vacation mode when I am away?

Nope! Vacation mode or extended handling times will be a thing of the past. You can take as much time off as you like without your business skipping a beat.

Will I have a dedicated person to handle my account?

Yes, each eBLISS client will have a designated Account Manager, who will manage your account and be your primary contact person.

How will I communicate with eBLISS?

Our Account Managers are available by phone or email.

Who handles customer questions or inquires about an item for sale when it’s in your possession?

If you are unable to answer the question, we can assist you in providing the information needed to satisfy a potential buyer’s request.

What if I change my mind about using your service?

No problem. We don’t require any long-term commitments, so if you decide it is not working for you, just let us know and we will arrange to have any inventory stored with us sent back to you. There will be a slight charge for us to do that, and you will pay for the UPS charges.

What kind of reseller would NOT work for your service?

Since we are best suited for resellers who sell small to medium sized one-of a kind items, a seller who sells high volume, multi-quantity single-SKU items and/or very large or heavy items would not be a good fit for our services. In addition, those who sell mostly fragile items or breakables would probably also not be a good fit.

How much does your service cost?

Our pricing varies; more detailed information can be found on our Pricing page.

Are there any limitations to geographical areas?

Yes, we are limited to clients in the 48 continental United States.  However, we are currently beta-testing clients in Canada.


What is “Receiving” and what is included?

Receiving is the process of you sending us your items to be stored and fulfilled. You will send us your items according to our established practices and once we receive them, we will match them up to their listing, assign a storage location, and place them into storage. All materials necessary for you to send us your items will be provided and paid for by eBLISS.

How does this work: who is listing my items - me or you?

In a sense, we both are. On eBay, you will create Scheduled listings for your items, which will include all the required information (such as title, item specifics, description, price, photos, etc.) and then schedule that listing for 3 weeks out. We do not use Drafts because we have found Drafts to be unreliable for this purpose. Once we receive your items, we will “push” your Scheduled listings live, and avoid the additional fee associated with Scheduled listings.

Are your services based on size and weight?

No. We actually use a bag system. One bag equals one listing. We have four sized bags that your items (listings) will need to fit into.

Are there size or weight restrictions for items sent in?

Yes. Any item sent in must fit into a 14″ x 20″ zippered bag and not weigh more than about 5-6 lbs.

What items are not allowed to be sent in?

Prohibited items include anything that isn’t listable on eBay, but also hazardous materials of any kind, perishable items, and anything tobacco related.

How often can I send in items?

You will be able to send in items on a pre-determined regular schedule, which allows us to guarantee a quick turnaround.

Is there a minimum amount of inventory I need to send in?
Once onboarding is complete, clients will need to send in either 30 listings a month or 100 listings per quarter.  
What is your turnaround time for active listings once you’ve received my items?

We anticipate a 1-2 business day turnaround time for received items, as long as they are sent in on schedule.

Who pays for the shipping to get my items to you?

For the most part, we do, using UPS Ground. If your shipments are excessive in weight and/or if you live far away, then you’ll share in the shipping costs.

Will UPS pick up my shipments at my house?

Yes. Or you can drop them off at any UPS drop off location.

Do you provide an inventory numbering system for my items?

Yes, we have our own inventory SKU system that we use with our clients.

Can I use free and/or flat shipping?

Yes, you can use either.

Can I use calculated shipping?

You can use calculated shipping, but if you do, you will need to estimate the final weight and dimensions, and sometimes the estimated packaging may not match the actual shipped packaging.

Can I continue using the Global Shipping Program and/or International Standard Delivery for international orders?

Yes, absolutely.

Can I ship internationally directly?

Yes, you may ship directly internationally.

What about cross-listing? I currently sell on other platforms besides eBay.

Our clients need to list on either eBay, Poshmark, or Vendoo, at a minimum.  We can handle sales from other platforms (such as Mercari, Tradesy, etc.) as long as the shipping labels are provided to us.

I use a Virtual Assistant for listing. Can I continue to use them?


I have employees listing for me. How would your service work with them?

It would work quite well. They could send in the shipments and make sure the items are listed properly.

What is “On-Boarding” and how is it different from Receiving?

On-Boarding is the process of getting all of your existing items to us. It requires similar steps to Receiving, but may require additional alterations to your existing listings.


Where are you located?

Our warehouse is located outside Denver, Colorado.

What does your warehouse look like? Is it climate controlled? How safe is it?

Our warehouse is climate controlled, with a full sprinkler system, and securely monitored 24/7.

Do you charge extra if my inventory is in your warehouse for a certain amount of time?

No. Our storage fees do not change based on how long it has been stored with us.

Do you charge extra for seasonal storage?

No. We do not charge extra for storage during the busier times of the year.

Do I need to have insurance on my inventory stored with eBLISS?

Yes. You will need to have a basic business personal property policy to cover the amount of inventory you have with us. As your inventory grows, your policy may need to be increased to cover the increased amount of inventory.  You can, however, choose to waive this requirement.

How would I go about getting insurance coverage on my inventory?

We will assist you in obtaining this coverage.

What if I want to remove an item from your warehouse?

No problem. Just let us know what you want to do with it (dispose of it or return it to you).

Is there a limit to how many items I can have stored with you?

No. However, we require our clients to maintain a minimum of 200 listings per month.

How will you ensure my inventory is accurate?

We will perform an annual inspection of your inventory on one platform, comparing what is actively listed to what we have in our possession.

What is Off-Boarding?

Off-Boarding is the process of returning all your inventory to you at one time (essentially the opposite of On-Boarding)..


What is Fulfillment and what is included?

Fulfillment is the process of getting your orders shipped. It involves picking, packing, and shipping your orders quickly and effectively. All materials needed to ship, such as boxes, bubble wrap, polymailers, etc., are included.

Who pays for my shipping labels?

You will pay for your shipping labels, from whichever platform label option you prefer.

How are shipping labels printed?

We use eBay’s Bulk Shipping tool but print labels individually. We use the Bulk Shipping tool because it is currently the only way to print a Scan Sheet through eBay labels, which we do for every eBLISS account.

Do you use a third-party shipping application, like ShipRush or Pirate Ship, to ship?

At this time, we do not, but as we grow, that could change.

How quickly will you ship my orders?

We ship all orders the same or next business day.

How are returns handled?

Returns are sent back to you, for re-listing or disposal.

If I have a last minute request for a shipped item, how would you handle that?

We would recommend you call our Shipping Desk for time-sensitive issues.

What happens if an order is damaged in transit to the buyer?

If a claim for insurance can be made, we would recommend that first. If that is not possible and the damage was our fault, we will reimburse you for the cost of the sale.

Can I have inserts, thank you cards, etc. included in my orders?

Sure, just make sure they are in the bags when you send in your items. In other words, we will not insert anything extra into the shipped package. This includes packing slips and invoices.

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